Project Goal

The Alpine Space is facing challenges due to ageing population, high youth unemployment rates and increasing strains on budgets. Therefore, communities need to innovate their social sector by delivering better health and social outcomes. However, this cannot be generated if public money and traditional payment mechanisms, such as “fee for services”, are the only option available. The aim of the AlpSib project is to accelerate new investment models in the Alpine Space, called Social Impact Investments (SIIs) and Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), through the development of policies in these fields. SIIs and SIBs use private capital to finance interventions that generate measurable social impact, return on investments and value for the public purse. Project intertwined activities are: designing of new solutions for unemployed youth and seniors through transnational co-creative labs, and developing, through advisory boards of policy makers, a joint approach to SII policies that will facilitate the implementation of such solutions.


AlpSib brings together 14 partners representing regional public authorities, sectoral agencies, business support organisation, interest groups including NGOs and research institutes from six European countries. In addition, 13 observers are involved.


Duration: November 2016 – April 2019

Client/Programme: Interegg Alpine Space Programme



Anja Nieveler