Project Goal

THE4BEES builds on the hypothesis: Energy is consumed by people rather than by buildings. Although most of the strategies to achieve energy efficiency in buildings focus on technical mitigation measures, to reach the ambitious goals on Low Carbon set by EU and Alpine Strategy (EUSALP), both structural and soft approaches shall be considered complementarily across the Alpine Space. THE4BEES focuses on the behavioural changes of users in public buildings needed to achieve reduction of energy consumption. Such changes will be originated by the use of innovative ICT applications developed by a transnational ecosystem. Those applications will be used by the target groups in the demonstration sites (schools, houses, factories) to encourage behavioural changes for energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.


  • Strategies and methodologies for users engagement through co-creation activities
  • Models and recommendations for improvement of policies
  • Sensing networks and IT applications, including specifications, hardware and software to test with final users (in Baden-Württemberg employees and manager of SMEs and industry districts)


  • THE4BEES brings together 13 partners representing regional public authorities, sectoral agencies, business support organisation, interest groups including NGOs and research institutes, from 6 European countries and involvement of 23 observers. It's a European project, from Alpine Space programme, low carbone prioritie.

December 2015 – December 2018

 Interegg Alpine Space Programme



Valentina Grillea

Innovation Programme Manager