ZEISS and KIT Robotics Innovation Competition

Startup, Science, and Student Challenge, June 2018

You are a robotics expert or keen to work on robotics questions? Be one of the selected high-tech teams that will make their ideas, startup, or technology a great success. Do you like working in interdisciplinary teams for a weekend to solve challenges in the area of robotics, computer vision, control engineering, and reinforcement learning? Go and apply for the ZEISS Robotics Innovation Competition. We are looking for students, scientists, and startups, and we will provide a suitable framework to support your contributions.

Win €25,000 for a startup project with ZEISS and €3,000 as the winner of the Robotics Hackathon!
Expand your professional network and meet robotics experts, colleagues, researchers, practioners, and investors.
And challenge your competencies and make your innovations, technical thoughts, and business ideas come true.

Technologies (Metrology)

  • Human-Robot Collaboration for measurement problems
  • Model based temperature compensation for increasing the accuracy of robotic systemsInline process control (cognitive software modules for the control of robotic based processing operation with a focus on
  • Inline process quality data)
  • Precision path controlOptical tracking of robot movements
  • Model based path correction (for precision application)


Application (Metrology)

  • Metrology analytics using robots
  • Precisions machine parts and handling via robots
  • Sensor tracking
  • Digital Quality Solutions in Additive Manufacturing
  • Metrology Analytics using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Process control and process quality software solutions

Technologies (Health Care)

  • Tracking and referencing
  • Smart instruments as control module
  • Real-time control with sensor feedback
  • Reinforcement Learning

Application (Health Care)

  • Microsurgery, e.g. Resection of tumorous tissue
  • Ophtalmology, e.g. Interventions on the retina
  • Surgery process, e.g. Recognition of persons, role and situations


More information: www.zeiss.com





Tomma Profke