Project Goal

ACE Creative aims to stimulate the international growth of the ICT driven creative industries in Europe by overcoming challenges at individual SME level (small size, access to finance, barriers to market entry), at the innovation support level (disparity in availability and support quality) and at overall creative industry level (fragmentation, localisation). In response to these challenges, ACE Creative networks innovation support players harnessing their regional strengths into a European ecosystem of supports to meet SMEs’ needs. Two specific groups of SMEs will be targeted: creative industry SMEs exploiting advanced technologies and ICT SMEs innovating in the field of creative industries.


  • Customised Support Programmes (CSPs) to 100 selected SMEs (50 each year) to support their growth into new European markets
  • Fast track support for the Creative Business Cup (CBC) finals (the top 30 companies, 15 each year, will win an expenses paid trip to pitch to the CBC audience)
  • Speaker-slots for the ACE Creative international bootcamps being staged across Europe in 2015 and 2016
  • Assistance through the ACE Creative online support platform


  • bwcon GmbH, Germany
  • CEEI Asturias, Spain
  • CKO, Denmark
  • EBN (coordinator), Belgium
  • ECBN, Netherlands
  • MediaDeals, France
  • Meta Group, Italy
  • Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands
  • NORIBIC, United Kingdom
  • Novitech, Slowakia
  • Technoport, Luxembourg

January 2015 – December 2016

European Commission, Horizon 2020



Valentina Grillea

Senior Innovation Programme Manager