Project Goal

BRIDGE (COSME ESCP-4i): “Building Relations to go International for Data-Driven Growing Enterprises (start-ups and SMEs)” will strengthen cluster partners' internationalization approach and provide more professional internationalisation support services to companies by developing a joint international strategy aimed at helping European Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain start-ups and SMEs in their internationalisation process beyond Europe. 


The general purpose of BRIDGE Project is to define a joint internationalisation strategy based on a shared European vision integrated with a global perspective and common goals. This will be achieved by meeting the following goals:

  • To build and consolidate a European Strategic Cluster Partnership that will be internationally recognized as an excellence hub on data-driven technologies (BRIDGE FROM CLUSTER BRIDGE FROM CLUSTER TO CLUSTERTO CLUSTER).
  • To establish the required trust between the start-ups and SMEs belonging to different clusters, which is needed to promote positive collaboration to help the Clusters’ companies in approaching (new) third markets (BRIDGE FROM BRIDGE FROM CLUSTERSCLUSTERS/ENTERPRISES/ENTERPRISES TO ENTREPRISESTO ENTREPRISES)
  • To promote the exchange of ideas, technology and innovation and support collaboration among European SMEs, enhancing cross-sectorial complementarities and sharing/adopting best practices in the field of data-driven industry (BRIDGE BRIDGE FROM ENTERPRISES TO FROM ENTERPRISES TO ENTREPRISESENTREPRISES).
  • To develop an international strategy to approach new third countries selected for their market potentials, capital opportunities, knowledge and expertise on data-driven field (focused on applications of AI and BC). The strategy to go international will be design in collaboration with the Clusters’ start-ups and SMEs with participatory methods to support dialogue and discussion and the co-design (BRIDGE FROM EU TO THIRD COUNTRIESBRIDGE FROM EU TO THIRD COUNTRIES).


  • Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V.
  • Fondazione Torino Wireless
  • Association for Promoting Electronics Technology (APTE) – Electronic INnovation CLUSter (ELINCLUS)
  • Foundation “Cluster Information and Communication Technologies”

Duration: September 2020 – June 2022

Client/programme: COSME Programme

Project co-funded by European Commission


AP Valentina Grillea


Valentina Grillea

Head of Scouting and Matching

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