Project Goal

Mobility goes international- Action! aims to establish a Smart Mobility focused European Strategic Clusters Partnership to promote clusters’ internationalisation by developing a joint strategy aimed at supporting SMEs in their internationalisation processes beyond Europe; and to intensify clusters and networks collaboration across borders, breaking sectorial boundaries.
MobiGoIn’s main focus regards a sustainable, smart and safe mobility in metropolitan areas, achieved through the implementation of solutions and systems for intelligent and cooperative transport, intermodal and sustainable mobility for the citizens, and sustainable urban freight logistics. 

In strand 2  - MobiGoin- Acion! we will be focusing on creating good matches for our community within the consortsium and our new parnters in the targeted 3'rd markets such as Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore or USA by arranging two major delegation trips to North America and Southeast Asia.

 To get together technology clusters that gather mobility sector companies and create new opportunities for European SMEs that want to grow through innovation and internationalization!

These are the goals of the project MobiGoIn - Mobility Goes International, which will develop a cross-sectoral approach focusing in the theme of urban and extra-urban mobility to promote the development and adoption of

  • intelligent and cooperative transport 
  • intermodal and sustainable mobility for the citizens
  • sustainable urban freight logistics


  • bwcon GmbH, Stuttgart/Freiburg
  • Fondazione Torino Wireless, Turin
  • MOV’EO, Paris/St. Etienne du Rouvray
  • Media Evolution, Malmö

Duration: January 2018 – January 2020

Client/Programme: Co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union


AP Valentina Grillea


Valentina Grillea

Head of Scouting and Matching